Guidelines to installation of air conditioning at The Adderley

Air conditioning systems or installation must NOT be installed in a unit by an owner or occupier without the prior written approval of the trustees.

The primary criteria of the Body Corporate for approval to install an air conditioning system include, but are not limited to, the following:

The air conditioning system must:

  1. Be positioned in an inconspicuous location so that, in the opinion of the trustees, the visual appearance of neither the unit nor the building would be adversely affected.
  2. Be positioned so that exhaust air blows away from any adjacent unit and does not impact on any use or enjoyment of the common property.
  3. Have a dedicated power feed linked to a supply for which the owner is responsible.
  4. Be of substantially the same colour as the building for those parts of the air conditioning system situated on the section or on any building walls, or have a cover that effectively conceals the nature of the apparatus, the type to be specified by the trustees.
  5. Must be installed by a licensed tradesperson with the appropriate insurance and approved by the trustees.
  6. Be so sited and of such a design as not to be audible by other occupiers when operated at maximum power.
  7. Have sufficient sound proofing measures incorporated to meet the council noise control limits. This requirement does not detract from the requirement above.
  8. Operate without vibration noticeable by other occupiers or in the common property, other than in the owner’s Exclusive Use Area.
  9. Be installed in such a manner as will not interfere with future maintenance of the area and adjacent parts of common property.

Approval is usually granted subject to meeting the following conditions:

  1. All maintenance will be and remain the responsibility of the owner of the unit and his successors in title. Provision for this must be made in any deed of sale and a written undertaking confirming it may be required by the trustees or managing agent in relation to any proposed transfer of a unit or Exclusive Use Area.
  2. Should the Body Corporate need to do maintenance to the common property where or near to which the unit is situated and such maintenance is hampered or rendered more expensive by the installation or any part of it, the owner of the unit must on request temporarily remove the unit as his/her own cost and re-fit it. The trustees, as an alternative, may accept cash compensation for the additional costs incurred, in their sole discretion.
  3. All units must be serviced annually. Evidence of this must be furnished to the trustees on request.

4. The owners indemnify the Body Corporate and all other owners and occupiers for any damages resulting from the air conditioning unit, be it personal or property damage. Should the unit be removed for any length of time for any reason, all penetrations/openings will be made good to the original condition. Any complaint relating to noise of operation or other nuisance will be attended to promptly and without question. Should there be any complaint, litigation or arbitration relating to noise or vibration, the owner of the unit will be liable for all legal costs reasonably incurred by the affected owner, occupant or Body Corporate on the maximum tariff approved by the Law Society, whether or not action was instituted. Should the condensate drainage system extracting water cause complaints or damage to common property or other units or any movables, the problem will be rectified expeditiously and all consequential damage made good as soon as possible. Fair compensation for any loss must be promptly paid. Any damage to common property during installation must be rectified to the complete satisfaction of the trustees. If not rectified promptly, the trustees may carry out the work at the owner’s expense. An application must be accompanied by a drawing and photos of where the unit will be placed and it is to also indicate the path of electrics and pipe work for the unit. No unit or any part of it may be moved or re-sited without written permission from the trustees. Repeated complaints may lead to the owner being required to remove the unit. Any permission to install air conditioning that may be granted shall be revocable on reasonable notice. Any installation for which no written permission can be produced shall be regarded as unauthorised and shall be removed at the request of the trustees. The owner or occupier shall allow the trustees access to the unit at any reasonable time in order to inspect the air conditioning unit.

Specification for covers

The covers are to be as per the photo attached to the air-conditioning policy. The covers are made out of 100% recycled plastic and can be purchased from New Life Plastics. Tel, 079 557 1374, Fax, 086 665 9259. Email, Web, Address, Unit 6 Toledo Place, Toledo Close, Capricorn Business Park, Muizenberg.