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Body Corporate

The Adderley Body Corporate is the legal body that controls and manages the sectional title scheme as required by the Sectional Titles Act, No. 95 of 1986. It is responsible for the enforcement of the Rules and the management of the Common Property. This includes the employment of the Managing Agents, the reception and cleaning staff, securing insurance cover, maintaining the electrical, plumbing, water and other systems.

To make this possible all owners contribute levies in proportion to the Participation Quota (PQ) of each unit owned. The exceptions are Audit Fees, Accounting Fees, Bank Charges, Management Fees and the cost of Refuse Removal – which are all charged equally on a per unit basis. The budgets are calculated using costs projected in respect of each of the four Component areas of the building namely: Retail (mainly ground floor); Office (floors C, D, F and G); Residential components (floors J to L); and Parking (remaining floors).

All owners of sections in The Adderley are automatically members of the Body Corporate and have the right to attend and vote at General Meetings or appoint a proxy to do so on their behalf. A downloadable proxy form will be found in the Documents section.

Between Annual General Meetings the affairs of the Body Corporate are managed on its behalf by the trustees appointed by its members.



  • G Wolfaardt (Chairman)
  • S Broekmann
  • E Whitefield
  • A Ferguson-Korstanje
  • S Dayton
  • T Bluett
  • A Lloyd Sim

2019 Trustees meetings

  1. 11 June
  2. 9 July
  3. 13 August
  4. 10 September
  5. 8 October
  6. 12 November
  7. Further meeting will be added ad-hoc or until further notice.
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